Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Petite Princess Council Is In Session

If you drop into either ELEMENTAL or PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY right now, you will find a bunch of new crowns and tiaras.  What can I say?  I've been feeling like a princess, and evidently so have my friends.  Here you see me in the purple and my friend Princess Celeste in blue, and we are both wearing the new Petite Snow Queen Tiara, which  is available in 3 color sets--Bold colors, Light colors, and Opals.  They are all three silver because, well, snowflakes aren't supposed to be gold.  You can adjust the sizing for various brands of petite mesh avatars, and you can adjust the glow, shine, and full bright to your liking.
There is also a series of golden petite tiaras--the Petite Queen of Hearts tiaras, all of which feature a sparkly faceted gem shaped like a heart.  (You couldn't guess that, right?)  Below, I'm wearing the heart tiara as well as the Jehan Necklace & Earrings in blue.

Below is the Petite Queen of Hearts tiara in pink topaz along with the new Sasha necklace & earrings.

All of these tiaras are also available in standard sizing, but you'll have to go next door to the "big" ELEMENTAL JEWELRY shop for those.  There you will also find The Queen Eleanor and King Henry crowns.  If you are into royal role play, you will want to have a look at these.  And, that's right, I did make one to fit the gentlemen!  Actually, that was the first one I made.  Surprise!


I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Jehan necklace & earrings, Sasha necklace & earrings, Snow Queen tiara, Queen of Hearts tiara.
Hair:  Diva Hair--Manon.  Purchased full price.
Purple dress:  Evie's Closet--Tuala in bliss.  Purchased full price.
Blue dress:  Sn@tch --Sinister Nymph in blue.  Purchased on sale.
Pink corset:  Tragic Beauty--Petites Cute Corset in pink.  MM prize.
Location:  Top--Kastle Rock Petites @ Fairyland.  Bottom--Petites Kingdom.

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