Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fiori Jewelry @ Elemental!

I thought that a city background would be good for this lovely red outfit, and what better setting than Central Park!  I'm still thinking about what I can do with abalone and I have summer gardening on my mind, so this week at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY you will find the Fiori Necklace & Earrings sets--floral collar necklace along with matching earrings.  The sets come in red abalone, gold abalone, blue abalone (the first three sets are in the 60L Weekend Sale this weekend!), purple abalone, and pink abalone.

Here's a slurl for the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Fiori Necklace & Earrings in red abalone.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Enisa in light browns.  Purchased full price.
Dress:  Aleida--Anas love dress in red.  Purchased full price.
Pose:  Olive Juice.
Location:  Central Park @ The New Yorker.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Petite Is Wearing A Bargain!

Well, fellow petites, the Petite's Shopping Village has moved to a new, larger location. (Can you guess where I'm standing?? LOL)  You may already know about the mall, but did you know that the grand opening is this weekend?  That's right--entertainment and sales!  That's a good thing!  The entertainment will be Saturday night at 6 pm slt, but the sale will be all weekend.  Not only is there the usual 45L Weekend Sale, but many of the shops at the new mall will have other sale items--those shops, including PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, will all be marked with a big banner.

Here's a slurl to the Petite's Shopping Village:

Here I am wearing my 45L Weekend special, and I think you will like it.  It's the Petite Floral Elegance Necklace & Earrings in pearl and black onyx.  You can find the special at the PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop, or at the satellite shops at either the Petite's Shopping Village at Cavettaz or at the ~Petites~ Village Mall at Holiday Village.
Here's a slurl to the PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

Slurl for ~Petites~ Village Mall at Holiday Village:

And...the lovely dress I'm wearing is also in the 45L Weekend Sale!  You can find it at Just Winging It at the Petite's Village Mall (the one with the grand opening) right next door (how convenient!) to PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  This is my friend Moonbeam Jillybean's shop, and she has many cute items for petites at fantastic prices, so be sure to have a look.  I think this black and white beauty is her best effort yet!  Go Jilly!

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Petite Floral Elegance Necklace & Earrings in pearl & onyx.
Dress:  Just Winging It--Beaux Arts Faerie dress in black & white.  This was a gift.
Hair:  Emo-tions--Dina in naturals.  This is big girl hair, but it shrinks right down to fit your petite.  Gorgeous!  Purchased at full price.
Poses:  Magnifique.  Hunt gift.
Location:  The new Petite's Village Mall at Cavettaz.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

I'm at my friend Tucker's house having a walk through the daisies, and I thought you might like to see my new mesh dress from PurpleMoon--pretty, huh?  I'm also wearing the latest from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Butterfly Kisses necklace & earrings in silver abalone.  I made a bunch of abalone textures, so you can expect to see more.  I really like the variegated colors and all of the twists and turns.  Here are some closeups so you can better see what I mean:

I like all of these little butterflies, but I think I like the pink and blue the best. 

If you'd like to have a closer look, hop on over the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry--ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Butterfly Kisses jewelry in various shades of abalone.  The blue and pink items are in the 60L Weekend Sale this weekend.  (The Butterfly Kisses collection will come to PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY next week.)
Hair--This is my new Truth Hair purchase (full price)--Enisa in light browns.  And Allesandra with the braid--also in light browns (full price).
Top--PurpleMoon--Audrey Tube Dress in peacock satin--purchased on sale.
Pink--Icing--Imperial Blossom in pink.  I've had this dress a long time, and I think it was a group gift?
Blue--Nicky Ree--Summer Breeze in water colour aqua.  Picks reward gift.
Gold--Pixel Dolls--Across the World in antique.  Purchased full price some time ago.
Location--Kingdom Phantasia, home of Tuckerdoo Falconer & family.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bewitched Blossoms Jewelry For Petites

Yes, I've managed to reduce the size of the Bewitched Blossoms necklaces and earrings to fit petites!  This is a single pendant, not a layered one--sorry little folks--but the gems are the same.  They have beautiful floral colors, and when you zoom in, you can see the blossoms encased in the gem.  For petites, you have the choice of blue hydrangea, pink orchid, yellow coreopsis, and red rose.


Another petite offering:  The Black Velvet Necklace & Earrings set has been very popular among standard size avatars, and now it's available for petites--here it's shown in green peridot.  This set is also available in pink rhodochrosite and blue lapis lazuli.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  All jewelry is from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.
Top outfit:  Blossom's Petite Boutique Gypsy Pink--45L Weekend purchase.
Top Hair:  Diva Hair-- Diva 2--rhodolite.  Group gift.
Middle outfit:  Caverna Obscura--Petite Shahrazad--gold.  Purchased full price.
Middle hair:  Wasabi Pills--Monique Petite Mesh Hair-blonds.
Bottom outfit:  Evie's Closet--Damselfly Petites--Peridot.  Purchased full price.
Location:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Shop @ Belle Island.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tropical Elements Jewelry

If you read my blog very often, you know that I have two favorite hair shops--we won't mention any names.  lol. However, I was doing some shopping at G Field the other day, and saw a lady wearing some really nice hair.  She dropped me a landmark for Emo-tions Hair--so here I am with a very different look--love the braids.  I'm also wearing the newest release from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Tropical Elements jewelry series.  At the top is the Tropical Earth Necklace & Earrings--silver with green aventurine stones.  (Good news my petite mesh avatar friends--I've nearly finished a petite set of the Tropical jewelry.)

Slurl for the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:


And here I am wearing the Tropical Sand Necklace & Earrings--silver with yellow aventurine stones.


Below I am wearing the Tropical Sea Necklace & Earrings--silver with holly blue chalcedony stones.


And finally, the Tropical Sun Necklace & Earrings--silver with pink tourmaline stones.


I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Tropical series, as above.  The Tropical Earth & the Tropical Sea items are all on sale this weekend in the 60L Weekend Sale--60L for either necklaces or earrings.
Hair:  Emo-tions Hair--Dina in naturals.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  My usual Curio skin, purchased at full price.
Dresses:  #1--The Sea Hole--Vulfie dress in blue.  Purchased full price.
#2--Ivalde--Elnera in gold--a group gift.
#3--Dragon Lady Designs--Faith in blue--A hunt gift for the Peace On Earth 4 hunt.
#4--Ivalde--Maylina dress in pink--April group gift.
Shoes:  HoneyBear pumps in black.
Poses:  Magnifique--Model Pose Set 2.   Purchased on sale.
Location:  Vintage Village.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Second Petite Mesh Avatar Post

Original post title, huh?  I'm back in my petite mesh avatar, and I'm wearing a new outfit that I just couldn't resist, along with my Petite Audrey Tahitian Pearls, earrings, and bracelet in green, from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  Here's a closeup:

The Petite Audrey Tahitian Pearls are available in several colors for petites:  Blue, green, pink, and violet.  If you look at the photo of the violet set below, you will see that I'm also wearing an extra pair of earrings, the Petite Crazy Daisy earrings.  They come in a fat pack with 4 sets of earrings, each with a different gemstone center--Orange Jasper, Green Turquoise, Blue Moonstone, and Pink Rhodochrosite. 


Here is the blue set of Audrey Tahitian pearls for petites, with a peach moonstone center in the flower.

Below, I'm sporting a new outfit that I purchased from Yabusaka in a 45L Weekend Sale for petites, along with more jewelry from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Aphrodite's Charm necklace & earrings, gold with texture changing stones in blue jasper, moonstone, garnet, and chrysoprase.  If you have a petite mesh avatar, you really must check out the 45L Weekend Sale.  There is a group joiner posted outside the shop.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  All from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  Top--Audrey Petite Tahitian Pearls--green.  Bottom--Petite Aphrodite's Charm necklace & earrings--gold w/ texture changing stones.
Top outfit:  Caverna Obscura--Petite Shahrazad--gold.  Purchased full price.
Bottom outfit:  Blossom's Petite Boutique--Gypsy Pink.  Purchased in the 45L sale.
Top Hair:  Diva Hair--Diva2--rhodolite--group gift.
Bottom Hair:  Wasabi Pills--Monique Petite Mesh Hair--Blonds.  Purchased full price.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thoughts On My First Petite Mesh Avatar

I keep mentioning that I've been redesigning jewelry to fit petite mesh avatars, and you may have even seen some posts on other blogs featuring some of the new jewelry. Ta daaa! Here are some snaps of petite me.  I can't help but think these tiny avatars were just meant to be fairies, pixies, etc.--so that's what I'm going for.

This is the first set of jewelry that I redesigned for petite mesh avatars--the ELEMENTAL Petite Kaleidoscope jewelry set, with multi-colored semi-precious stones and a silver floral motif.  I like the earrings up on the tips of my little ears so they are more visible, but you could move them lower if you prefer that location.  I'm so cute!

(**Apologies in advance for my wordiness on this post--lots to say on this one.)
So, what do I think of the petite avatars?  I like them, but let me say that I've been stepped on a few times and once had a run in with a rather large cat.  Shame on you, kitty!  LOL.   It's great fun trying to make jewelry to fit petites.  But, I do quite a few texture changing pieces, and it is sometimes difficult to hit the earrings just right for the click.  I've found that the best way to get to the earrings is to angle my camera around behind the avi, zoom in, and then aim at the earrings.  This is true for clicking the texture changer, and it's true when you want to "edit" the earring and adjust placement.  I have not had this issue with necklaces.

The other issue with jewelry is that you usually can't just "wear" your necklace.  Most of the clothes for your petite avi will have things already attached to the chest area, so when you "wear" your necklace, part of your top vanishes.  Oops!  To work around this, simply "add" the necklace to your outfit rather than "wear".  You can also "add" extra earrings and wear more than one pair placed at different spots on the ears.

I have a few more shopping tips on clothes and hair below in the "I'm wearing" tab below.  You will need to be a very observant shopper to avoid some petite pitfalls.  In fact, I have placed my petite jewelry items in a separate shop to help shoppers avoid confusion.  (It's right next door to the mainshop!)


And brace yourself--you will have an interesting surprise when you switch back to your standard size shape.  You will turn into a big avi pretzel and think you've done something horribly wrong.  Don't worry--just relog and you will be fine.  However, I would suggest making the transition in the privacy of your own home. LMAO!

There is also a PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY satellite shop at The Petite Shopping Village:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Petite Kaleidoscope Necklace & Earrings set in "bright".  (***Also available in "turquoise" if you prefer the classics.)
Avatar:  Mynerva petite mesh avatar made by Yabusaka--Cream. Purchased full price--is comes with the avi shape, skin, eyes, and a HUD to alter the colors somewhat.
Hair:  Wasabi Pill Monique Petite Mesh Hair--Blonds.  Purchased full price.  WP is making special hair just for petites. (***I have found that some of my regular size hair will downsize just fine--especially my Diva hair.  I've heard that Truth hair will downsize, but I haven't had much luck with it.)
Outfit & Wings:  Evie's Closet--Damselfly--Petites--Peridot.  (***Now, when you pop over to Evie's, be sure to notice that the petite items are on the low, round display.  This same outfit is on the wall right beside the petites.  I mistook the entire area for the "petite section", and purchased the "big" version thinking it was a petite outfit.  Had to go back and make a double purchase to get my petite decked out in green.  It's a bit confusing, and designers need to be extra careful with their signage so you know what is petite and what is not.)
Poses:  I'm sorry, I tried so many that I have no idea.  But my regular poses seem to work just fine with my petite avi.
Location:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop @ Belle Island in SL.