Review Policy

I gratefully accept review copies of all things that go with jewelry--because I don't have much time to shop in SL, and I need complete outfits to show off my jewelry.  Also, I'm just interested in what other designers are creating and would love to help promote them--maybe they will return the favor! 

I will use any items that I like if they go with my jewelry that is being featured, and I will be sure to make the source very clear.  I can't guarantee that I will use your products immediately--it just depends on what I need for my posts.  I will not say anything negative about your products.  If I don't like it, I simply won't use it.

If you send me something, please label it very clearly with your name and the date.  Please include a  notecard with your name, shop name, slurl, landmark, and the name and price of your item.