Saturday, October 27, 2012

Petite Mesh Avatars--All Kinds!

You may not be able to tell it from the above photo, but I'm doing a zombie dance on  top of a grave.  LOL.  My friend Jilly sent me a landmark for Shrinkyween, over at the Shrinky Dink sim--they are really in the spirit.....ha ha.  I'm also modeling the new Petite Amanda jewelry from PETITE ELEMENTAL.  Yes, it's texture changing--and resizable.  Which reminds me--I went over to the Petite Kingdom today and picked up a demo of the Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar 2 because one of my customers wanted to know whether my jewelry would fit avi #2.  Well, that is a nice little avi!  It's figure is a bit more "human" compared to my little fairy self shown here, but you can get a fairy ear add on kit.  The face is just beautiful....I think I may need one.  In any case, the PETITE ELEMENTAL jewelry fits just fine.  The #2 avi is a bit taller, so you will have to edit and reposition it onto the new avi, but the fit is really good without any resizing--which means even the older PETITE ELEMENTAL items will fit.  I also tried a demo of the new Immortal petite avatars.  The jewelry fits them as well, but you will need to use the resizer to enlarge it a bit, and reposition it for the taller avi.  I don't recommend older PETITE ELEMENTAL jewelry for the Immortals--stick with the newer jewelry that has a resizer. 

As you can see from these photos, there are 3 sets of the Petite Amanda jewelry--Reds, Blues, & Greens.  Each set can be gold or silver, and the stones include 5 gemstone textures, which you can mix & match.  It's all on sale this weekend, so get it before the price goes up to the usual reasonable price.  Here's a slurl to the mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Petite Amanda Necklace & Earrings, texture changing--Reds, Blues, Greens.
Hair:  Diva Hair--Manon Type A in Citrine.  Purchased full price.
Dresses:  Sn@tch --Sinister Nymph fat pack.  Purchased on sale.
Shoes:  Shoenique Designs--MaryJane Pumps--texture changing.  Purchased on sale.
Location:  Shrinky Dink sim.

Alimah Visits Japan

I took a walk at Edo Japanese Castle, a role play sim in SL.  Now, I don't know about the role play, and I was kind of glad there weren't many people around.  But it sure is a pretty sim, and I had a nice time looking around.  I'm wearing a new top I got at Sn@tch.  (I know, I get many things there.  Well, what can I say?  Those fat packs of cute tops are great for jewelry photos.  And, hey, they have a big sale this weekend, so run on over!)  I'm also wearing the Alimah jewelry set from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--there are 5 sets to select from, each with texture changing beads with 5 semi-precious stones to choose from, and 4 different ornamental beads (the large ones).  And, of course, you can make it silver or gold, resize it, adjust the glow, shine, etc.  Above, I'm wearing the Alimah "Neutrals" set in gold agate--this set includes blacks, whites, golds. 

And here I'm wearing the "greens" set--it includes 5 different green shades like the blue-green amazonite above, but also emerald, and yellow-green peridot, etc.  And, oh, I do love purple.  The set below is purple agate, but there are 4 other purple shades as well.  When you pop into the shop, you will also find a blue and red set.  Something for everyone and every outfit.  Here's a slurl to the mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Alimah Necklace & Earring sets, texture changing, in blues, greens, purples, reds, & neutrals.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Briony--browns.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  Curio--Jewel Gold Tones.  Purchased full price.
Tops:  Sn@tch.  --Ginger & Jazz Halters--fat pack of colors.  Lucky board gift.  Thanks!  But, remember there is a sale this weekend.  I've been there once, and will go back again just as soon as I decide what to buy!
Jeans:  Zaara--classic jeans.  Purchased full price some time ago, but still my favorite.
Boots:  Sakide--CrocFur Boots in black.  I just don't remember whether I purchased these full price or on sale.  I got them last year some time, and I love them.  They are a good fit.
Location:  Edo Japanese Castle.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Petite Aurora

I wear this dress often when I am my petite self--both because I just like it, and because it's such a great vibrant blue to match up with jewelry.  It's from Just Winging It, a great little petite shop owned by Moonbeam Jillybean.  Jilly is relocating to the Carriage Trade sim, so you should go have a look.  Her dresses all come with matching wings, and they are all priced @ about 50L, so you can pick up several!  This is the new petite jewelry from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, the Aurora Necklace & Earrings.  (You saw it last week for standard size avi's.)  I've had a bunch of folks im me to let me know they really love this jewelry, and it just makes me really happy to hear that they are enjoying it. 

There are 2 sets to choose from--The Dark Aurora Necklace & Earrings (shown at top), and the Light Aurora Necklace & Earrings (above).  This jewelry is texture changing, silver or gold, with 4 color choices for the aurora borealis gems, and 4 semi-precious stone textures for the beads.  Here's a slurl for the PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop in Second Life (r):

It's all on sale this weekend, for 50L to 60L, so hurry on over before it gets marked up to the regular price.

I had to include a shot of this beautiful dress from Kastle Rock Petites @ Kastle Enchanted Petite Village.  I have this dress in several colors for my petite avi, as well as for my standard size avi.  It's very shimmery and comes in some gorgeous colors, some with a color gradient.  I happen to be at Kastle Enchanted Petite Village in these photos.  Spooky Mistwallow has done a great job on this lovely sim, and I think she is still working on it.  It is well worth a walk.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Petite Dark Aurora Necklace & Earrings, and the Petite Light Aurora Necklace & Earrings.  Texture changing.
Blue Dress:  Just Winging It--Blue Floral Faerie dress.  Purchased full price.
Green Dress:  Kastle Rock Petites--Silk Flower Gown in Seafoam Dream.  Purchased--can't remember if it was full price or on sale.
Hair:  WAKA &Yuki Hair--53 Type C--Purchased from discount shop.
Location:  Kastle Enchanted Petite Village.

An Autumn Walk In The Misty Mountains

When the leaves start turning in autumn, it's time for a walk in the woods.  Don't ya think?  I popped over to Misty Mountain, a perfect spot for such an outing.  (Isn't that a song by Led Zeppelin?  Misty Mountain Hop?  It's a great song, if you've never heard it you should look it up on You Tube.)  I just bought the latest hair from Truth, and I had to show it off, plus this week's new release from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, the Amanda pendants and earrings.  This jewelry is named after my friend Amanda (aka Susan Branch) because it just looks like something she might wear.  There are three sets--Blues, Greens, and Reds, each with a central color theme and a couple of analagous colors thrown in for contrast.  That's right, it changes textures, from gold to silver, and there are 5 stone choices in each set.  The stones can be all the same color if you're feeling monochromatic, or you can mix and match as you please.  The colors show up great over a black top, and the "Reds" set will look great for your fall outfits--there are some beautiful red and orangy colors included.

Here's a slurl to the ELEMENTAL mainshop:

All of the Amanda jewelry is on sale for 60L in the 60L Weekend Sale this week, so hurry on over before they are marked up to the regular price of 100L each.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Amanda Pendant and Earrings, texture changing.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Dawson in blondes.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  Curio--Pout 2.  Purchased full price.
Top:  Sn@tch --War the Roses in black.  Purchased full price.  I love this top, and it looks great with this long pendant.
Location:  Misty Mountain.
Poses:  Miamai.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aurora Borealis Fantasy

Witches, and Goblins, and Elves....OH MY!!  lol.  Do I look like the wicked queen?  That's the look I was going for.  Role Playing is a popular activity in Second Life, and I have been convinced to give it another try.  I think we've established that I can't seem to stay in character, but my friends are very forgiving and have actually written my lapses into the modern world into my story line.  Above, you see a portrait of Tessa, Lady of Phantasia, in my tower at Kingdom Phantasia.  Born a princess and adored by my father, the King, I followed the footsteps of my mother to become a time-traveling sorceress--just can't help it, it's in the blood.  Thus, you never know how you will find me dressed, my speech patterns are at times odd, and there are also some interesting...technologies, music, and such to be found at Kingdom Phantasia.  I am sister to the recently widowed King, my brother Tucker, and have, due to my caring nature, stepped in as the Lady of the Kingdom--muahahahaha.  (My neice, Celeste, the Princess Royal, would have me insert here that I am a "good" sorceress and just hamming it up for All Hallow's Eve.  And it's true.)  None-the-less, Tucker has commanded me to keep my "activities" in my tower at Kingdom Phantasia, and he's assigned a Driad, whose name changes daily (hear that Rase?), to keep me out of trouble.  LOL.

Above, I am wearing a couple of beautiful dresses from the vintage room at Evie's Closet.  (I love Evie's Closet--thanks Evie!)  And I have on new jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--The Dark Aurora Necklace & Earrings.  Below, you will see the Light Aurora set.  Each set is texture changing, with 4 aurora borealis textures on the faceted gems, and 4 semi-precious stone textures on the beads.  The metal changes between silver and gold.  You can also play with the shine, glow, full bright, and transparency for lots of different effects.  The crown is part of the Crown Jewels of Phantasia set, which is not yet available but soon will be.

Here's a slurl to the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop in SL:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Dark and Light Aurora Necklace & Earrings.  Texture changing.
Purple Dress:  Evie's Closet--Romany Kiss in blue.  Purchased full price.
Red/Black Dress:  Evie's Closet--Aurora in black/red.  Purchased full price.
Blue Dress:  Swansong--Mirage dress in Ice.  Purchased full price.
Hair:  Diva Hair--Manon Type A in Citrine.  Purchased full price.
Skin--Curio--Top 2 photos--Jewel Gold Tones.  Bottom photo--Pout 2.  All purchased full price.
Herbalists workbench--Metaphysical Mercantile.
Location:  Kingdom Phantasia.