Saturday, August 27, 2011

Make a Statement in the Daring Sensation II Necklace & Earrings

You'll make a fashion statement in the new Daring Sensation II Necklace & Earrings from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  These uniquely designed pieces are available in gold or silver, with texture changing stones in 6 stone choices--Turquoise, Malachite, Onyx, Blue Jasper, Carnelian, and Purple Agate.  And, they are on sale this weekend!  The Silver necklace or earrings are in the 60L Weekend sale for L$60 each, and the Gold necklace or earrings are in the LOW Sale for L$50 each.  Drop by before the weekend is over!


Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm So Blue...

The Blue Mist Necklace & Earrings are a lovely set of chrysocolla beads set in gold.  They are a classic, and you just can't go wrong with chrysocolla--such a beautiful blue.  The Blue Mist set is 50% off this week for the LOW Sale at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--only L$75! 

Also on sale--The Bewitched Blossoms Neckace and Earrings in Hydrangea blue.  Blue Hydrangea Blossoms are encased in a faceted blue teardrop stone--how enchanting.  The necklace and earrings are sold separately for only L$50 each.


Also on sale for 60L Weekend--The Sunset Beauty Necklace & Earrings shown in the last blog post.  The necklace or earrings are L$60 each.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunset Beauty

The Sunset line of necklaces & earrings were one of the first sets of jewelry I ever made in SL, when I was selling just a few sets of jewelry at METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE.  I was going to retire the entire line, but recently I was wearing the garnet set and someone told me how elegant it looked.  So, I decided it just needed to be upgraded.  Introducing the new and improved Sunset Beauty Necklace & Earrings, with antique gold and now with texture changing stones in Garnet, Jade, Turquoise, Lapis, and Onyx.  It's shinier.  It's prettier.  It's all new!  And priced to please--you can have either the necklace or earrings for a mere L$100 each.

Drop in at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY and have a look:

And there are sales this weekend at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY too--For the LOW Sale, Sensuous Wind Necklace & Earrings.  And for the 60L Weekend sale, the Vintage~Maureen necklace and earrings in Lapis Lazuli & Silver--each only 60L!  (See last weeks post for photos.)  And don't forget the hunts are still in gear as well.

I'm also wearing:
Dress:  Chantkare Gypsy Doo Dah Dress from the Fashion Garret.
Hair:  Truth Zoe in Caramel.
Skin:  Mela's Milk Tea Winter.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hunts, Sales, & Gifts At ELEMENTAL!

What a weekend! The Fashion Forward Hunt will begin on Sunday, August 7.  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY will have a male and female gift--creatively (lol) named the ELEMENTAL Fashion Forward Men's Necklace, and the ELELMENTAL Fashion Forward Women's Necklace.  The Women's Necklace is a lovely gold collar with blue lapis lazuli stones and blue beads.  The Men's Necklace is a manly black hemp cord with silver beads.  Both are resizable.  
***You will notice in the photo above, that I'm wearing matching earrings.  And--that's right--the matching earrings are this month's ELEMENTAL GROUP GIFT! 

And don't forget that there are sales this week as well!  60L Weekends has arrived at ELEMENTAL, and this week you can pick up the HEAVY METAL NECKLACE & EARRINGS or the MOONGLOW NECKLACE for only 60L each.  And the LOW Sale features the VINTAGE~MAUREEN jewelry in silver and rhodochrosite for 50% off!  (See yesterday's post for photos and details.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage~Maureen Jewelry at ELEMENTAL!

One of my favorite movie stars from the golden 40's, 50's, & 60's was Maureen O'Hara, that beautiful red-haired lady from Ireland.  Did you ever see her opposite John Wayne in The Quiet Man or McClintock?  I really enjoyed those movies, and Maureen was just stunning.  In honor of and inspired by Miss O'Hara, I have made a new set of jewelry called VINTAGE ~ MAUREEN--a beautiful silver necklace & earrings with pink rhodochosite stones.  Can't you just see her wearing something similar?  What a knockout!

And, the pink rhodochrosite VINTAGE ~ MAUREEN jewelry will be featured in this week's LOW Sale for 50% OFF!  The Necklace & Earring set is only L$125, or you can purchase the necklace alone or earrings alone for only L$62 each.  (And, if you're not into pink, you can see the jewelry in other stones as well--  Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, and Black Tourmaline!) 

I'm also wearing:
Hair:  The Betty Do in auburn from Ingenue.
Skin:  ESSENCES Alma skin.
Lipstick Tattoo:  Amacci Frosted Lips Red 10.
Dress:  Maylina from Ivalde Vintage Fashion--actually, this was one of many lovely group gifts.