Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peace On Earth AND Silver & Gold..What More Could A Girl Ask For?

I can not wait until the the Peace On Earth 4 Hunt starts on December 1!  I've been watching the blogs for preview photos, and it's going to be outstanding.  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY will be participating in the POE 4 Hunt this year--with a gift of white poinsettias.  There is a glowy pair of earrings--white poinsettias enclosed in the stone and set in an engraved gold bezel.  Seasonal, but different.  And there is a matching corded necklace with white poinsettia beads and gold beads.  (This one started out as a gift for the gentlemen, but as I resized it for a photograph it quickly became unisex.  It is resizable, but I've included both a large and small to get you started.)

Also beginning on December 1 is the Silver & Gold Hunt.  For this hunt, you will find at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY a...you guessed it...silver & gold bracelet!  Sound plain?  Well, take a look--lovely.  A silver cuff with triple gold bands set with a golden tiger eye stone.  This one is definitely unisex, and it's also resizable.

I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Dulce Secrets Naemi Sangria--a much appreciated review copy, and a lovely skin--Thanks DS.  (DS has nice skins at reasonable prices--averaging around L$350.  They also have a L$50 section upstairs.  And good sales--the great skin pictured above was on sale recently for L$55!)
Hair:  Truth Hair Peta in chocolate.
Dress & Shoes:  LL Creations/CUDOLA Ice Queen for the Candy Cane 3 Hunt

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ok, So I Can't Resist A Good Sale...

Well, if you think I can pass up a good sale--think again!  I happened by Kastle Rock Couture on business and decided to have a look at Spooky's Black Friday sale.  I bought this amazing dress--the KR Stephanie dress in red--for only L$60.  And...it just so happens that it matches perfectly a set of jewelry on sale this weekend at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Bewitched Blossoms Red Rose Necklace & Earrings--L$60 each.  (If you look closely, you can see the red roses in the gem.)  Run, don't walk, over to Analog Dog Hair before their sale ends.  I got this great Melody hair for L$10!  (sigh)  I've had a good SL day.

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Belle%20Island/231/65/24
Kastle Rock Couture inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grand%20Isle/96/161/25
Analog Dog Hair inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Analog%20Dog%20Hair/183/104/23

I'm also wearing:
Shoes:  Ingenue Freynii in crimson--found some time ago at the Ingenue outlet.
Skin:  Mamboo Chic Julia--a past lucky board gift.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Jewels For The Candy Cane 3 Hunt

The Candy Cane 3 Hunt is HUGE this year!  You will need to set aside about 4 evenings to work your way through all of that goodness!  At ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, you will find some trendy Christmas tree earrings for the ladies--A green spiral tree with faceted ruby beads.  How cute is that?

And don't start feeling left out fellas!  There is also a gold & ruby ring for you.  (But it's resizable, and you gals might want one as well.)  All Candy Cane 3 Hunt gifts are a tiny L$1.

Run on over to ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld: 
And be sure to hop over to Kastle Rock Couture--there is a big Candy Cane Fair going on:

I'm also wearing:
Hair--Waka & Yuki 1 New--from the sale room.
Skin--Essences Alborado skin for The Fashion Garrett.
Top--K-Code's Candy Cane 3 Hunt gift.  Really fantastic!  Thanks K-Code.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sale at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY!

This Friday is Black Friday, and the 60L Weekend group is having a special sale for the occasion.  At ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, you can grab the latest release--Vintage ~ Ava Silver Necklace or Earrings for only L$60 each.  This set has texture changing stones in Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Peach Moonstone, Amethyst, Yellow Sapphire, and Tourmaline. 

Also on sale for Black Friday:  The Sunset Beauty Necklace or Earrings--gold with texture changing stones in 5 choices, and the Bewitched Blossoms Necklace or Earrings in Rose Red--a perfect choice for your red holiday wear.

I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Glam Affair Layla D.
Hair:  Waka & Yuki 53 New.
Dress:  Zaara Chaya "Lotus".
I'm line dancing at the Mocambo Club with my friends Azucena Villota (in the green) and Gabriell3 (in the blue).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Vintage ~ Ava

I'm still in the mood for vintage jewelry!  Here I am wearing the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Vintage ~ Ava Necklace & Earrings in antique gold with turquoise stones and pearls.  The stones change textures to give you a total of 6 choices--turquoise, black onyx, lapis lazuli, white moonstone, purple sapphire, and ruby. 

See it all inworld at the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop: 

I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Essences Dharma for Vintage Fair 2011.
Hair:  Truth Isidora.
Dress:  Kastle Rock Couture Madeline--comes with matching shoes that just rock!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Group Gift At ELEMENTAL JEWELRY!

I've had several requests for a necklace to match the October ELEMENTAL JEWELRY group gift earrings.  So....here's the new November group gift.  A lovely dark celtic choker with an orange spessartine stone.

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Belle%20Island/231/65/24

I'm also wearing:
Hair:  Truth Isidora in caramel.
Skin:  Essences Dharma skin--will be introduced at the Vintage Fair 2011.  Be sure to attend!
Pants:  Armidi Limited Kyoto Skinny Pants, black.
Top:  SAKIDE Petticoat Top Black Sheer.  (11-9-11 Grenade Free Wednesday sale item at Jersey Shore.  Drop by Jersey Shore and check out SAKIDE, and GFW!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Sacred Eye Is...Aquamarine??

Don't you love a new outfit?!  I'm wearing the latest release from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Sacred Eye Tiered Pendant with Aquamarine and Glass Beads.  The pendant and earrings are both on sale this week in the L$60 Weekend Sale--Only L$60 each!  Very pretty colors!

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Belle%20Island/231/65/24

I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Essences Alma.
Shape:  Curio Lovely Shape 2.
Makeup:  Label Mode La Vie Makeup Turquoise.
Hair:  Waka & Yuki New Hair 28 Type A--in the sale room.
Dress:  Purple Moon Midnight in Blue.  Beautiful!  Purple Moon is one of my new favorite places to shop!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


NECKLACE: ELEMENTAL- floral elegance- black onyx
EARRINGS: ELEMENTAL- floral elegance- black onyx
SWEATER: Emery - crop top lace heart
HAIR: Raspberry- Khloe- blissful blonde
SKIN: Filthy- GSP edition- paige
MAKE UP: Amacci- eye tattoo divine- grey lash

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's The Season For Falling Leaves Jewelry

Where I come from, autumn is a very colorful season with hillsides in gold, orange, brown, and green.  With that as inspiration...the latest releases at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY are the Falling Leaves Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet--perfect for your seasonal attire.  The necklace and bracelet are resizable, and the stones are texture changing--in Red Garnet, Green Garnet, and Turquoise.  Each are sold separately, and they are all on sale this weekend!  The bracelet is only L$30, and the necklace & earrings are in the L$60 Weekend Sale for L$60 each. 

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Belle%20Island/231/65/24

I'm also wearing:
Hair:  WAKA & Yuki New 01 Pack C--in the sale section.
Skin:  Mamboo Chic Anka--a recent gift from MC's Lucky Board.
Makeup:  Musa gift.
Dress:  Ivalde Maisie moss green--gift from the Witch Hunt 2011.