Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Wonderful Oz Tour

 I found a great  place to explore--Enchantment Island.  There are several different themes you can follow, and this time, I'm doing the Wizard of Oz Tour.  Uh oh!  The house landed on the wicked witch!  Throughout the tour, there are lots of info stations that provide trivia as well as quotes from the original book.  Did you know that in the book Dorothy's slippers are silver, not ruby?  Who knew?  I think this might be a case where the book is better than the movie, so I'm planning to pick up a copy. 

 I'm wearing clothes from Sn@tch, and jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  This is the Bianca Necklace & Earrings, and I'm thinking it might have some great possibilities for role play outfits.  It comes in 3 color sets--Classics (top), Dichroic Glass (middle), and Lights (bottom). Classics include blue turquoise, black obsidian, carnelian, and green turquoise. The Dichroic Glass set includes a vibrant purple, red, blue, and green choice in "gems".  The Lights set includes a pretty light blue chrysocolla, coral, a lighter green turquoise, and a light colored amethyst. 

Here's a slurl to the ELEMENTAL mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Bianca Necklace & Earrings.  Available in 3 texture changing sets.
Hair (top):  D!va Hair--Ruri in black amber.  Purchased full price.
Hair (bottom):  Emotions Hair--Rick in black.  Purchased on sale.
Blue dress:  Sn@tch --Starlight Cocktail Dress.  Purchased on sale.
Grey sweater & skirt:  Sn@tch --Early Flower.  Lucky board prize.
Orange dress:  Sn@tch --Marie corset dress.  I think this was also a Lucky board prize.
Eyes:  Mayfly--Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in absinthe.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  League--Jen skin in pale.  Purchased full price.
Location:  Enchantment Island.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

La Luna

 OMG!  What a creepy cat!  lol.  Yes, I've found another Wonderland-themed sim--I really like Alice In Wonderland.  I found this fantastic new dress with a handkerchief hemline at PurpleMoon and it put me in a party mood, so I went looking for a tea party to attend.  If that Mad Hatter doesn't get here soon, I'm going to have to stick my finger in the cake frosting and have a taste.

 I'm wearing new jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, the La Luna Pendant & Earrings.  It comes in three color sets, each texture changing with 4 metal choices--silver, gold, silver sparkles, gold sparkles--and 5 mix & match stones.  The "Classics" set (top) includes ruby, lapis, tsavorite, turquoise, and spiderweb obsidian.  Set 2, "Lights" (middle) has moonstone, pink opal, blue lace agate, chrysoprase, and citrine.  "Brights" (bottom) includes fire agate, peridot, purple sapphire, blue chalcedony, and garnet.  Here's a slurl for the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--La Luna Pendant & Earrings.  Texture changing in brights, lights, or classics.
Hair:  Diva--Flora--black amber.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  League--Jen in pales.  Purchased full price.
Dress:  PurpleMoon--Designer's Choice 217 in pink.  Purchased on sale.
Location:  Alice Is Wonderland.