Saturday, December 31, 2011

How To Master Your Dragon...And Wear Some Regal Jewels

Recently, I received an im from a customer saying that he'd been searching a long time for a pendant with a dragon's talon holding a gem.  He wondered whether I might consider making such a thing--something that a man or a woman could wear.  Now, I don't do custom work because it's just too difficult to match someone else's vision--but it was a good idea, right?  TaaDaaaaa!  Here's the latest from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--The Dragon Master Pendant, a gold dragon's talon clutching a faceted gemstone in you choice of Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald.  It's unisex and resizable to fit male or female avatars, and I've included a large and small from which to start your resizing. A perfect addition to your Gor or Medieval jewel collection!  I like it....I'm thinking a silver version may in order.  And...these lovely pendants are in the 60L Weekend Sale this weekend!  Hurry on over to ELEMENTAL JEWELRY:


Also, for those of you interested in the beautiful, elegant jewels--but not so much the Gor or Medieval element--I've also made a more classic version.  The ELEMENTAL Glistening Gem Pendant and Earrings, also gold with your choice of Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire stones.  The pendant and earrings are sold separately.  (Hint--the Glistening Gem earrings look fantastic with the Dragon Master pendants!)

I'm also wearing:
Hair:  Diva Hair Ema 2 in onyx--I caught a 50% off sale at Diva and bought a boatload!  Beautiful stuff.
Skin:  Curio Pout 2, Petal--Grouch 1.  I've been dropping in at Curio repeatedly trying to choose between 2 sets of skins.  This was the winner, and I paid full price.  (And I think I may still have to go back for the runner up!  lol.)
Dress:  This dress is called the ED Anatasia.  Alas, although I can envision the shop in my mind, I can not remember the name.  So, unfortunately, all I have is ED.  Anyone have a clue??  It was a gift just for stopping by the shop.  Thanks ED!
I'm at:   Wanderstill @ Ode, a very lovely sim--you should go have a look.
Hair:  Truth Zoe in caramel.  Purchased at full price.
Skin:  Curio Pout 2, Big Baby 2.  Purchased at full price.
Dress:  Ivalde Elnera gown, red.  (A free Christmas group gift.  Thanks Ivalde!!)
I'm at:  Kismet.  I've lived in a couple of different Kismet homes and do so currently.  Beautiful!  And, yes, I've purchased them at full price.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

ELEMENTAL @ Designer Showcase!

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY is now at the Designer Showcase!  Currently, you will find a DS Special Edition Simple Allure Set in Gold With White Moonstones, on sale for only L$75 for both necklace & earrings.

Designer Showcase @ Flawless Sim:

Oh, almost forgot.   Merry Christmas!!

I'm also wearing:
Dress:  L'Abel Mily gold.  This dress, unfortunately, was purchased at the going out of business sale for L'Abel. 
Skin:  Curio Pout 2--Bean--Grouch 2.  Purchased at full price.
Hair:  Truth Hair Diana Cocoa with dark red streak.  Purchased at full price.
I'm at:  Welsh Rainbow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

This Jewelry Is Simply Alluring

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Simple Allure Necklace & Earrings--Gold Double Pendant with Leaf Motif Settings & Texture Changing Stones in Malachite, Blue Jasper, Black Onyx, Red Sea Coral, & Amazonite.  Resizable necklace.  A beautiful addition to your holiday wardrobe!  (60L Weekend items this weekend only.)


Here I am sitting by a warm bonfire at The North Pole Sleigh-Ride Adventure at Atrum Complexo.  This lovely winter sim is well worth a visit and be sure to hop on a sleigh, cover up with a cozy blanket, and crank up the Christmas tunes.

I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Natural Beauty Tulip--pale-05 Special Edition for The Fashion Garrett. 
Makeup:  R.icielli - Gold Eyeliner.  This is Christmas Hunt item #6, and there are tons of other gift boxes.
Hair:  Diva Hair "Naomi" in black amber--a group gift.
Top:  DCNY Vintage Fair Gift--Crimson Velvet Top.
Jeans:  Zaara classic indigo jeans--purchased full price, and well worth it.
Boots:  Sakide CrocFur Boots, red.  Review copy.  Folks, these are some gorgeous boots. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Goodness At Jersey Shore

If you haven't been to Jersey Shore in SL, then you've missed a fantastic shopping experience.  Go stroll along the boardwalk and browse the shops (there are about 75)--you're sure to find something great.  And...there is a big holiday hunt starting on December 13--the Jersey Shore 12 Days of Christmas Hunt.  Stop in each store and look for a silver star with a free gift inside.  At the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY shop at Jersey Shore, you will find a star loaded with the gold and ruby earrings shown above.
Here's the slurl for ELEMENTAL at Jersey Shore--might as well start there!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Amazing Elegance

The Amazing Elegance Necklace & Earrings @ ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Silver with Lapis Lazuli accent stones & texture changing feature stone in Red Spinel, Amber, or Green Turquoise.  The necklace is resizable.  Both the necklace and the earrings are on sale this week in the 60L Weekend sale!


I'm also wearing:
Skin:  Mamboo Chic Anka.
Makeup:  Label Mode La Vie Makeup in berry.
Hair:  Truth Hair Trinity in chocolate.
Top:  Zaara Azyba Cross Flowers in ruby.

Friday, December 2, 2011

That Old Black Magic Has Me Under It's Spell

I was watching a show the other night and one of the characters, a witch, was wearing a necklace that caught my eye.  I've made a couple of similar necklaces for SL--The Witch's Jewel I and II.  Both include an engraved silver pendant strung on a black velvet cord with silver specks.  The stones are simple round glowing orbs with a touch of animation, and of course they are texture changing.  Witch's Jewel I is Blue Opal, Tiger Eye, Pink Topaz, or White Moonstone (pictured below in Blue Opal).  Witch's Jewel II is White Opal (above), Dark Amber, Green Peridot, or Amethyst.  The necklaces are resizable so you can make adjustments for your own avatar.


Both necklaces are in the 60L Weekend sale this weekend.

I'm also wearing:
Dress:  Snowpaw's Caligrafit gown--plum.
Hair:  (Top photo)--Analog Dog Embrace; (Bottom photo)--Truth Bronte.
Skin:  Essences Sarah skin for The Fashion Garrett 8th edition.  I love this skin--I'm sure you've noticed.

I'm using the Herbalist's Workbench from METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE--located right next door to the ELEMENTAL mainshop on Belle Island.  Pretty cool--and on sale this weekend for L$100!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jewels Fit For A Queen--The Renaissance Hunt

The Renaissance Hunt will run from December 1 to December 31.  I was very excited when I heard about this hunt, applied immediately, and went to work looking for period designs.  Well, people liked to wear their wealth, so you will find photos of some pretty BIG jewelry!  And then, there is always the challenge of making something unisex if possible.  But it turned out not to be such a challenge this time..the fellas wore the same big jewelry as the ladies.  So, I've created a gold Renaissance Jeweled Collar with purple charoite and green garnet stones.  The collar is resizable and can be adjusted to fit a male or female avatar.


I'm also wearing:
Hair:  Analog Dog--Fleur in brunette--another great deal from the AD black Friday weekend sale.
Skin:  Essences--Sarah 8th Ed. for the Fashion Garrett.  This is a fantastic skin that I wear often.
Dress:  Kouse's Sanctum--Antoinette in emerald.  If you are ever looking for a fantasy or period gown, or just something pretty, you really do need to check out Kouse's.