Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver Splendor

As I'm sure you know, I'm a Truth Hair fiend, and you've caught me at the Truth District having a browse in the wee hours of the morning.  There is going to be a big anniversary sale, and much to my delight the Sea Hole already had their sale item out.  At 44L each, I had to buy this lovely top in several colors.  I'm also wearing a new item from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Splendor necklace & earrings, this time in silver.  The set I'm wearing above has really pretty light purple amethyst stones--perfect for my new top!  Here's a closeup:

The silver Splendor jewelry is available in several other stones--A lovely green beryl, aqua-ish chrysocolla, sky blue topaz, and peach moonstone.  And...the three colors shown in this post are all on sale this weekend!  You can get the necklace or earrings in your choice of stone for only 60L in the 60L Weekend Sale.

Here's a slurl for the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Splendor necklace & earrings in silver, with various stones.
Hair:  Truth Andrea in carrot.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  Curio Jewel Gold Tones--Light Shell--Emerald 1.  Purchased full price.
Top:  The Sea Hole--LaceBack Tank in Fishscale.  Purchased on sale.  You can't see the back of this top in the photos, but there is a black lace "t" in back--really cute.
Jeans--Zaara--jeans in indigo.  Purchased full price a long time ago.
Green Dress--Aleida Anas love dress in olive.  Purchased on sale some time ago.  Unfortunately, Aleida has just closed her SL shop.
Aqua Dress--SubVersion--Vintage 60s dress.  Hunt gift, and a very nice one.
Location--The Truth District.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

Once again, I am over at the Looking Glass sim--one of my favorite photo spots.  This is just one of many pretty spots.  I'm wearing a new mesh skirt I picked up at Purplemoon.  I don't think it's a secret that I'm not a huge fan of mesh clothes, but I like this skirt because of the variety of textures.  I'm wearing a new set of jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Sunray Necklace & Earrings in silver, which is sold as a set, so it's a great buy.  The stone selection includes yellow aventurine, pink tourmaline, blue chalcedony, and chrysoprase--another favorite of mine, both in sl and rl.

Run on over to ELEMENTAL while these pretty baubles are on sale--they are all in the 60L Weekend Sale!

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Sunray layered pendant in silver with matching earrings, stone choices include yellow aventurine, pink tourmaline, chrysoprase, or blue chalcedony.
Hair:  Truth Paige in carrot.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  Curio Jewel Gold Tones--Petal Emerald.  Purchased full price.
Top:  Jane--intrinsic tank in blue.  I've had this for a very long time, not certain if it was purchased or if it was a group gift. 
Skirt:  Purplemoon--Olivia Mini Skirt--black.  Purchased on sale.
Location:  Looking Glass sim.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Splendor Filigree Jewelry Now @ ELEMENTAL!

So, I was over at PurpleMoon the other day for the big anniversary sale.  I finished shopping and tried to teleport home to unpack my new goodies, but tp failed, and I ended up way above PM in this planetary wonderland.  I have no idea if I'm supposed to be here or not, but I saw the potential photo op and took it.  Here I am wearing the newest release from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, the Splendor Necklace & Earrings.  I really like this set--beautiful gold filigree with colorful stones in either red garnet, black onyx, purple sugalite, or green maw sit sit.  That's right, maw sit sit--isn't that a beautiful shade of green?  Here are photos of all the lovely colors available.  The purple sugalite necklace and earrings are in the 60L Weekend sale this weekend, and the others are at the usual low Elemental price of 100L each.  Here's a slurl for the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Splendor Necklace & Earrings in garnet, onyx, sugalite, and maw sit sit.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Leesa--dark blondes.  Purchased full price.
Red Dress:  Aleida--Naomi halterneck minidress.  2012 Mother's Day gift.
Black Dress:  Aleida--Antonia poofy dress in black.  Purchased on sale.  Aleida, unfortunately, is going out of business, so you'd better hurry on over this weekend if you wnat to catche some of her lovely clothes.
Purple Dress:  PurpleMoon--Boho outfit in purple.  Purchased full price some time ago; however, you can get this same dress in bunches of colors right now.  There is a huge anniversary sale at PM, and this is one of the items currently on sale.
Green Dress:  Misera--Spring Meadow Dress in emerald/black.  Review copy.
Location:  PurpleMoon.

Butterfly Kisses For Your Petite Avatar

OMG!  My petite can play a guitar!  lol.  I'm sitting around the campfire singing some tunes over at Holiday Village.  I'm wearing my new Petite Butterfly Kisses jewelry in blue abalone, from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY and a lovely dress I picked up at Decadent Courtesan.  I really love this jewelry, and I'm glad I was able to redesign it for petites.  I think you will enjoy it as well.  This weekend, there are 2 new Petites Sales starting in SL--The 50L Petite Weekend Deal, an offshoot of the Rag Dollz 50L Weekend Deal, and the Petite Shopping Spree organized by Mairead Fitzgerald of Prims & Pixels.  Here's the good news--For these 2 new sale events, you can get the Petite Butterfly Kisses jewelry set in blue abalone for 50L in the 50L Petite Weekend Deal sale, or you can grab the pink abalone set for 60L in the Petite Shopping Spree sale!  This lovely set is also available in gold abalone--at the low regular price of only 100L.

You can stop by the PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop on Belle Island:

Or one of the satellite shops:
PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY @ Petites Village Mall @ Holiday Village

PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY @ Petites Shopping Village @ Cavettaz

I know, that's too many villages.  I can't keep them straight either, thus the name of the sims. LOL.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Butterfly Kisses necklace & earring sets, available in blue, pink, or gold abalone.
Dress:  Decadent Courtesan--Petite Kitty Star in pale gold.  Purchased on sale.
Hair:  EMO-tions Dina in naturals.  Purchased full price.
Location:  Petites Village Mall @ Holiday Village.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Starburst Jewelry @ Elemental

Speaking of favorite things, here I am at one of my favorite SL places--The Mocambo Club--dancing away the evening to the tunes of dj Dirk Qarnac.  Dirk does a fantastic Friday night set with vintage rock, blues, and jazz.  And that's not the only great thing about the Mocambo.  The place is always full of some of my best friends.  It just doesn't get any better.

I'm wearing a new set of jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY that I really like--the Starburst set in silver & jade.  There are tons of fun pieces--long pendant, rings, bracelets, earrings, and even a shorter accent necklace that you can "add" to the ensemble for a layered look.  The long pendant and earrings are sold separately, and then there is the "accessories pack" with the accent necklace, left & right bracelets, and left & right rings.  There are other colors as well--a beautiful blue sodalite set, and a firey red sea coral set.  The blue sodalite pieces are all in the 60L Weekend Sale this weekend!  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:
Here are a couple fo closeups to give you a better look:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Starburst pendant, earrings, & ring in silver & jade. 
Hair:  Truth--Vicky--light browns.  Purchased full price.
Top:  BoHo HoBo Meena blouse in pink raw silk.  Middle top is the Gisaci Evelyn Square Cut Blouse in smoked sapphire.  Bottom top is the Mischief Zane sweater in bluemoon.  All purchased full price, and probably some time ago.
Poses:  Miamai.
Location:  Top--The Mocambo Club @ Pahto.  Bottom:  Belle Island, home of ELEMENAL JEWELRY.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's Nothin' Like Wearing Your Favorites

Today, I'm exploring the Santorini sim, a beautiful replica of the rl Greek town.  This is a very lovely place with lots of nooks and crannies, romantic spots, and opportunities for dancing.  I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits from Zaara (I have many favorites from there), my favorite shoes from Enkythings, one of my favorite hairstyles from Truth, and the newest jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Sierra necklace & earrings in gold with Italian glass beads and green agate stones.  Here's a closeup so you can see the details:

It's also available in blue with blue chalcedony stones, and in red with fire agate stones.  And, all are only 60L this weekend! 

And last, but not least, another favorite top from Zaara, and the current special edition jewelry from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY @ Designer Showcase--the Butterfly Kisses set in red abalone.  Beautiful--I've received many complements while wearing this jewelry.  This jewelry set is specially priced @ 85L for the entire set!  Here's a slurl to Designer Showcase:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Sierra necklaces & earrings in green, blue, or red.  And the Butterfly Kisses necklace & earrings, special edition for Designer Showcase.
Hair:  Truth--Isidora--browns.  Purchased full price, and one of my favorites.
Skin:  Curio--Jewel Gold Tones--Pure 1 light.  Purchased full price, and also a favorite.
Tops:  Top photo--Zaara Yauvani top in lime.  Purchased full price.  I'm also wearing Zaara's classic indigo jeans, also purchased full price.  Blue photo--Piccara bodysuit in blue, review copy.  Red photo--Crazy Leire top in green, purchased full price.  Bottom photo:  Zaara--Nilaya in crimson, purchased full price.
Shoes:  Enkythings--Baba Yaga Zenobia shoes in blue.  Purchased full price some time ago.  Also a huge favorite, and unfortunately no longer in the shop.  I have them in red as well, and would purchase more colors (hint, hint).  These shoes have fantastic detail.
Location:  Santorini.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tropical Jewels Have Gone Petite!

This week, I have collaborated once again with my neighbor and friend Moonbeam Jillybean.  We had a great time working on last week's items, so when she told me she was working on a green dress, I knew I had the right jewelry already in the works.  Above, I am wearing Jilly's Gem Swirl Aqua Faerie dress along with the Petite Tropical Earth Necklace & Earrings from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.

You can find the dress and the jewelry both at the Petites Shopping Village at Cavettaz:   This slurl will take you to ELEMENTAL, and Just Winging It is right next door.

You can also find the jewelry at the PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:
**At the mainshop, you will also find the set in other stones:  The Tropical Sand set has yellow aventurine stones, the Tropical Sun set has pink tourmaline stones, and the Tropical Sea set has blue chalcedony stones.  (FYI--the Petite Tropical Earth jewelry set is on sale this week for only L$55 at all locations!)

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Tropical Earth Necklace & Earrings--silver with green aventurine stones.  (There is a standard size version located next door at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.)
Dresses:  Just Winging It--Gem Swirl Aqua Faerie.  This was a gift.  Blue dress--Wild Talender Petites--Roweena in blue.  Purchased on sale.
Hair:  Emo-tion--Dina in naturals.  Purchased full price.
Location:  The Faery Crossing (top two photos).  ~Petites~ Village Mall at Holiday Village (bottom).