Friday, May 4, 2012

My Second Petite Mesh Avatar Post

Original post title, huh?  I'm back in my petite mesh avatar, and I'm wearing a new outfit that I just couldn't resist, along with my Petite Audrey Tahitian Pearls, earrings, and bracelet in green, from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  Here's a closeup:

The Petite Audrey Tahitian Pearls are available in several colors for petites:  Blue, green, pink, and violet.  If you look at the photo of the violet set below, you will see that I'm also wearing an extra pair of earrings, the Petite Crazy Daisy earrings.  They come in a fat pack with 4 sets of earrings, each with a different gemstone center--Orange Jasper, Green Turquoise, Blue Moonstone, and Pink Rhodochrosite. 


Here is the blue set of Audrey Tahitian pearls for petites, with a peach moonstone center in the flower.

Below, I'm sporting a new outfit that I purchased from Yabusaka in a 45L Weekend Sale for petites, along with more jewelry from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--the Aphrodite's Charm necklace & earrings, gold with texture changing stones in blue jasper, moonstone, garnet, and chrysoprase.  If you have a petite mesh avatar, you really must check out the 45L Weekend Sale.  There is a group joiner posted outside the shop.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  All from PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  Top--Audrey Petite Tahitian Pearls--green.  Bottom--Petite Aphrodite's Charm necklace & earrings--gold w/ texture changing stones.
Top outfit:  Caverna Obscura--Petite Shahrazad--gold.  Purchased full price.
Bottom outfit:  Blossom's Petite Boutique--Gypsy Pink.  Purchased in the 45L sale.
Top Hair:  Diva Hair--Diva2--rhodolite--group gift.
Bottom Hair:  Wasabi Pills--Monique Petite Mesh Hair--Blonds.  Purchased full price.

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