Friday, May 13, 2011

These Blossoms Are Bewitched

I was working on a new earring design the other day, and I decided to use a faceted teardrop stone--something I'd probably never do in rl.  Then I had to decide on a color for the stone.  Well, I was out in my garden looking at the early spring flowers, and I thought why not use photos of flowers to texture stones? 

I dug out some photos of flowers, and OMG!  It turned out even better than expected--The stones are lovely colors, and if you look closely they appear to have flowers encased inside them.    Beautiful!

I've done them in Blue Hydrangea, Yellow Coreopsis, Pink Orchid, Purple Pansy, Red Rose, and Green Shamrock.  (Hmm.....may have to save that last one for next St. Patrick's Day.)

They are called Bewitched Blossoms, and as you can see, there are matching necklaces as well. 

Release date--May 13, 2011.  Introductory pricing through May 15--L$95 for individual necklace or earrings, L$175 for necklace & earring set.

Come to the shop and have a look!

I'm also wearing:
Some more of my vast collection of Truth hair--Peta in Chocolate.
A great tank top and pants from The Spirit Store.
And my standard Redgrave "Leona" skin, which I adore.

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