Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Her Style Is Vintage Gold & Jade

Are you ready?  Another hunt is starting at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY!  This is going to be a fabulous hunt, ladies--the Her Style Hunt, organized by Phoenix Welles.  (Hunt details are available by clicking the Her Style Hunt sign at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--on the left side of the doorway.  You can join the Her Style Group by clicking the Her Style Group Inviter on the right side of the doorway.)  For this hunt, I've made some lovely Vintage Gold & African Jade Earrings--here are a couple of photos to lure you to the hunt.

I love to give group gifts to match my hunt gifts so that my group members will end up with complete sets of jewelry.  I've mailed my loyal "groupies" a matching Vintage Gold & African Jade Necklace, and if you want to join the group now, new group members can purchase the necklace for the minimal group price of L$50.

But, that's not all.  I got carried away and made another group gift for June....a matching Vintage Gold & African Jade Bracelet.  The bracelet is posted on the group wall at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY.  Old and new group members alike can grab a free bracelet at the shop--see slurl below.

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  1. They are all lovely, Contessa! I ran down and snagged my copies as soon as I could! AzV