Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enchanted with Enchanted Stones!

When I walked into Elemental Jewelry by Contessa Lacombe for the first time, I knew I had finally found a SL jewelry designer who is a kindred spirit. No bling, no diamonds. Just great combinations of metal and stone textures in unique styles that coordinate with the various colors of my wardrobe.

Contessa has given me the privilege on her blog of showing you some of the great ways that her jewelry combines with
my SL wardrobe. Here's some photos of me wearing her Enchanted Stones 2 set. I hope you have as much fun mixing and matching her pieces as I do!

Find Elemental Jewelry at

Photo Details

This is my vintage avatar, done up in 1940s style.

Dress: Ivalde Lottie in cyan, from the Lucky Chair

Hair: Vignette Diva in caramel (freebie and a fave!)
Shoes: The Millinery Shoppe Party Mary Janes in patterned [these are on sale right now, 16 prs in two sets for a total of $100L!]
Skin: Ruby Skins Eve (a freebie!)

Nylons: OnP Nylons with seam in light brown
Makeup: Glamorize Gloss Fairy Combo 3
Glasses: Artilleri Gladys in rose (a subscrib-o-matic gift)

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