Thursday, April 7, 2011

Precious Pizzazz For One Night In SL

Here is my friend Portia Ysabel wearing the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Precious Pizzazz Necklace and Earrings.  This interesting set is gold with bunches of texture changing stones in lapis lazuli, red coral, turquoise, amethyst, malachite, or goldstone.  I've left the stones individually changable so that you can have them all one texture, or mix them up. 

By the way, Portia--and friend--are trying out the latest hunt gift from METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE on Belle Island, the @Meta Couples Floor Pillows.  This gift is set for the upcoming One Night In SL Hunt, which starts on April 8, and is being organized by Spooky Mistwallow and Lynn Pooley of Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunts. 

Portia is also wearing:
Zane Sweater in cherry, from Mischief.
Up or Down Skirt in onyx, also from Mischief
(Alas, Mischief, one of my very favorite shops, is no more. But, owner Janie Marlowe now has a new shop, JANE, located at Zyrra.)

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