Friday, April 15, 2011

The Little Big Shop Event starts today in Second Life!

I'm so excited!  The Little Big Shop Event is officially open for business on April 15, and here are photos of the projects that Faery Sola (my "Big Shop" mentor) and I collaborated on.  There is a Moon Necklace, below.  As well as matching Moon Earrings, and Faery's Moon Bracelet and Moon Anklets, pictured above, in silver, lapis lazuli, and glass beads.  Why Moon you ask?  Well, the theme of the event is water because this is a charity event to raise money for The Water Project, and the moon influences tidal activitiy...
(For details about The Water Project, see April 13 post.)

At the Event, each team has their own little shop set up to display their work, as well as additional items from their shops.  Here is a slurl to the event:

Also pictured:
The Esmerelda gown from Kouse's Sanctum, on Avilion Peninsula.

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