Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alimah Visits Japan

I took a walk at Edo Japanese Castle, a role play sim in SL.  Now, I don't know about the role play, and I was kind of glad there weren't many people around.  But it sure is a pretty sim, and I had a nice time looking around.  I'm wearing a new top I got at Sn@tch.  (I know, I get many things there.  Well, what can I say?  Those fat packs of cute tops are great for jewelry photos.  And, hey, they have a big sale this weekend, so run on over!)  I'm also wearing the Alimah jewelry set from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--there are 5 sets to select from, each with texture changing beads with 5 semi-precious stones to choose from, and 4 different ornamental beads (the large ones).  And, of course, you can make it silver or gold, resize it, adjust the glow, shine, etc.  Above, I'm wearing the Alimah "Neutrals" set in gold agate--this set includes blacks, whites, golds. 

And here I'm wearing the "greens" set--it includes 5 different green shades like the blue-green amazonite above, but also emerald, and yellow-green peridot, etc.  And, oh, I do love purple.  The set below is purple agate, but there are 4 other purple shades as well.  When you pop into the shop, you will also find a blue and red set.  Something for everyone and every outfit.  Here's a slurl to the mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Alimah Necklace & Earring sets, texture changing, in blues, greens, purples, reds, & neutrals.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Briony--browns.  Purchased full price.
Skin:  Curio--Jewel Gold Tones.  Purchased full price.
Tops:  Sn@tch.  --Ginger & Jazz Halters--fat pack of colors.  Lucky board gift.  Thanks!  But, remember there is a sale this weekend.  I've been there once, and will go back again just as soon as I decide what to buy!
Jeans:  Zaara--classic jeans.  Purchased full price some time ago, but still my favorite.
Boots:  Sakide--CrocFur Boots in black.  I just don't remember whether I purchased these full price or on sale.  I got them last year some time, and I love them.  They are a good fit.
Location:  Edo Japanese Castle.

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