Sunday, December 25, 2011

ELEMENTAL @ Designer Showcase!

ELEMENTAL JEWELRY is now at the Designer Showcase!  Currently, you will find a DS Special Edition Simple Allure Set in Gold With White Moonstones, on sale for only L$75 for both necklace & earrings.

Designer Showcase @ Flawless Sim:

Oh, almost forgot.   Merry Christmas!!

I'm also wearing:
Dress:  L'Abel Mily gold.  This dress, unfortunately, was purchased at the going out of business sale for L'Abel. 
Skin:  Curio Pout 2--Bean--Grouch 2.  Purchased at full price.
Hair:  Truth Hair Diana Cocoa with dark red streak.  Purchased at full price.
I'm at:  Welsh Rainbow.

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