Saturday, December 31, 2011

How To Master Your Dragon...And Wear Some Regal Jewels

Recently, I received an im from a customer saying that he'd been searching a long time for a pendant with a dragon's talon holding a gem.  He wondered whether I might consider making such a thing--something that a man or a woman could wear.  Now, I don't do custom work because it's just too difficult to match someone else's vision--but it was a good idea, right?  TaaDaaaaa!  Here's the latest from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--The Dragon Master Pendant, a gold dragon's talon clutching a faceted gemstone in you choice of Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald.  It's unisex and resizable to fit male or female avatars, and I've included a large and small from which to start your resizing. A perfect addition to your Gor or Medieval jewel collection!  I like it....I'm thinking a silver version may in order.  And...these lovely pendants are in the 60L Weekend Sale this weekend!  Hurry on over to ELEMENTAL JEWELRY:


Also, for those of you interested in the beautiful, elegant jewels--but not so much the Gor or Medieval element--I've also made a more classic version.  The ELEMENTAL Glistening Gem Pendant and Earrings, also gold with your choice of Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire stones.  The pendant and earrings are sold separately.  (Hint--the Glistening Gem earrings look fantastic with the Dragon Master pendants!)

I'm also wearing:
Hair:  Diva Hair Ema 2 in onyx--I caught a 50% off sale at Diva and bought a boatload!  Beautiful stuff.
Skin:  Curio Pout 2, Petal--Grouch 1.  I've been dropping in at Curio repeatedly trying to choose between 2 sets of skins.  This was the winner, and I paid full price.  (And I think I may still have to go back for the runner up!  lol.)
Dress:  This dress is called the ED Anatasia.  Alas, although I can envision the shop in my mind, I can not remember the name.  So, unfortunately, all I have is ED.  Anyone have a clue??  It was a gift just for stopping by the shop.  Thanks ED!
I'm at:   Wanderstill @ Ode, a very lovely sim--you should go have a look.
Hair:  Truth Zoe in caramel.  Purchased at full price.
Skin:  Curio Pout 2, Big Baby 2.  Purchased at full price.
Dress:  Ivalde Elnera gown, red.  (A free Christmas group gift.  Thanks Ivalde!!)
I'm at:  Kismet.  I've lived in a couple of different Kismet homes and do so currently.  Beautiful!  And, yes, I've purchased them at full price.

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