Sunday, January 20, 2013

Viva Italiano!

I really like pizza.  How can you go wrong?  Yummy, fresh-baked bread with tomatoes, basil, cheese...mmmm.  That's right, my favorite is the Marguerita pizza.  I was exploring Solaria, an Italian sim that you must go see, and I found this lovely cafe.  Well, I just had to sit down for some pizza...too bad it's made of pixels!  LOL.  After my delicious lunch, I took a walk around Solaria--there are lots of details to see, so I will certainly need to pay another visit.

Yes, I am sporting a new skin--did you ever think it would happen?  This is a League skin, and I think it's just beautiful.  I'm wearing a new top from Sn@tch, called Ultra Lounge.  It's a classic tank design, but with a dressier twist.  And it's perfect for showing off this new long pendant from ELEMENTAL.  The Drew Pendant & Earrings are available in 2 color sets--Darks & Lights.  Both are texture changing so you can choose from gold or silver and 4 different stones.  The "Darks" set includes green Maw Sit Sit, blue Jasper, Ruby, and Amber.  The "Lights" set includes some stones that will be great for your spring-time wardrobe--pink Rhodochrosite, green Peridot, blue Larimar, and yellow Aventurine.  I have the long pendant layered with a simple little Heart Pendant, also texture changing.  It can be gold or silver, and the heart can be plain gold or silver, or a bold green, red, blue, or gold. 

All are available right now at the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop:

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Drew Pendant & Earrings, texture changing in either "Lights" or "Darks".  Heart Pendant, texture changing.
Hair:  Amacci--Linda in Henna.  Purchased on sale.
Skin:  League--Jen in pale.  Purchased full price.
Top:  Sn@tch --Ultra Lounge top.  Lucky board prize.
Jeans:  Zaara--Classic indigo.  Purchased full price.
Location:  Solaria sim.

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