Saturday, January 19, 2013

Turquoise Rules!

I'm on a petite photo roll!  I keep mentioning that turquoise is something we need to be paying attention here is another turquoise offering.  That just tickles me to death because I've always been a fan of turquoise--I don't suppose you've picked up on that.  This is the Petite Cadence Necklace & Earrings.  Now, it's texture changing and there are three color sets to choose from, because I can never make up my mind.  (It's kind of like when I was a teenager and would go shopping with my Dad.  "I just don't know which one I like the best"....."Oh, honey, just get them both".  HeHe.)  The metal doesn't change, but the stones do.  Set #3 is shown above and has turquoise, chrysoprase, red jasper, and sugalite with this lovely radiating silver medallion.  Set #1 is shown below--another silver motif with moonstone, red sea coral, amber, and emerald. 

Set #2 is in the bottom photo.  It features a gold and onyx filigree medallion with stones in onyx, lapis, amethyst, and garnet, and is a bit more formal.   Oh, and that's the new Petite Engagement & Wedding rings I'm wearing in the bottom photo--more on that later.  Although these are photos of the petite version of the Cadence jewelry, all of them are available in "biggie" size at the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainshop, conveniently located right next door to the PETITE mainshop. 

Here are the slurls that will take you to both shops:



I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY & PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Cadence or Petite Cadence Necklace & Earrings.  Texture changing. 
Hair:  Diva--Manon.  Purchased full price.
Turquoise Dress:  Just Winging It--Gem Swirl Aqua.  This was a gift.
Red Dress:  Snowpaws Petites--Watercolor Tea Length, Sweet Jane.  Lucky board gift.  This is a great dress.  I have it in standard size in of my favorites.
Purple Dress:  Kastle Rock Petites--Silk Flower gown, Midnight Arbor.  Purchased on sale.
Location:  Kastle Rock's Fairyland sim.

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