Friday, September 14, 2012

Zelda Is At The New Elemental Jewelry Shop!

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie set in the 1920's, and I noticed some of the beautiful, long beads that the women were wearing.  (You just knew that the jewelry always catches my eye, right?!)  This inspired the Zelda beads and earrings shown here.  They are available in three texture-changing color sets--"Pastels" (green aventurine, pink rhodochrosite, blue lace agate, and yellow sapphire), "Royals" (purple sugalite, green tsavarite, blue lapis, red garnet), "Tropicals" (aqua jasper, green jasper, fire agate, gold abalone).  The metal changes between gold and silver. 

You can find the Zelda sets at the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY main shop in SL--which, by the way has moved!!  Well, it didn't go far--it's next door to the old location, but it's much more spacious.  PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY is now located in the old EJ spot, and it has also gained some floor space.  The petite shop isn't quite finished, but you should go have a look at the progress, check out the sales at both shops, and snag a few hunt gifts.  We are currently in the Twisted Hunt, Steam 7 Hunt, Nature's Hunt Miracles of Autumn, Harvest Moon Hunt (just until Sept 16), Darkling Hunt, and Big Things Small Packages Hunt.   Here are the new slurls:

This is the "Elemental Jewelry Garden Landing" which will put you right in front of the shop and within site of the petite shop.

When I first came to SL and started building a sim, one of the best garden centers I found was Antique Artistry.  If you have never been there, I suggest that you pay them a visit.  It's a beautiful place to roam around, and you just might find something you need to beautify your SL home or garden--and at very reasonable prices.  Not to mention that there are tons of places to take pretty photos!  In these snaps, I have on some great new hair from Truth and a new dress that I acquired by standing for a very long time in front of a lucky board at Sn@tch.  Didn't think that "C" would ever pop up!  Lol. 

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELERY--Zelda Beads & Earrings.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Tristana--blondes.  Purchased full price.
Dresses:  Sn@tch-- Awe Shucks fat pack.  Lucky board prize.
Location:  Antique Artistry.