Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cross My Heart & Wait, Where's My Curio?

I found this very interesting sim with all sorts of good photo ops--Mysterious Dream.  I really appreciate it when some artistic soul creates a beautiful place in SL.  It is a much larger effort than most people might think, and make no mistake about it, it does take an artist.  Let's not even consider the real life expense of maintaining such a virtual masterpiece.  My thanks to Lillith Morgwain.

Now, for what I'm wearing.  You know this blog is mostly all about my jewelry, as well as showing off some pretty clothes, hair, skin, etc. that I pick up along the way.  I'm wearing a new release from ELEMENTAL JEWELRY called the Cross Your Heart Necklace & Earrings (the petite version came out last week), which will appear in the shop tomorrow evening.  This is a really pretty set made of silver, with 4 stone choices--purple sugalite, pink rhodochrosite, green peridot, and a stunning blue jasper.  The necklace & earrings will be sold as a set, so this jewelry is a real bargain @ 125L.  (Although, if you get over to the shop this weekend, you can grab some in the 60L Weekend Sale!)

What's that?  You see a really nice bracelet in the photos?  Yes, I had fun with this heart motif.  There is a matching bracelet for each stone choice, resizable and packaged with both left and right.  I don't tend to wear many bracelets, but I think I will wear this one. 

Also in the photos, I'm wearing my standard Curio skin.  Speaking of Curio, I am very saddened to report that you currently can not purchase a Curio skin.  Gala Phoenix is in a legal dispute with another skin designer.  All I know about it is in this blog post--  Until now, I was unfamiliar with the other designer's work, but I've since looked, and she makes some lovely skins.  I think this is a very unfortunate state of affairs, and I'd like to make a few personal comments, so I beg your pardon for my wordiness in this post--and remember this is an editorial because I do not in any way know all of the facts.  First, I don't understand the legal aspects of this case, but I think it's unfair that the Curio skins have had to be taken off the market while the other designer's have not.  Second, I think it's EXTREMELY important that creative and intellectual works are protected.  I am acutely aware that there are thieves all around us who would think nothing of stealing our work.  So, it's understandable that paranoia sometimes gets the best of us.  There have been times when I've noticed that immediately after one of my releases, another jeweler came out with a similarly themed item.  I always have to stop and remind myself that even though the theme may be the same, their product is much different.  Maybe I inspired them!  Or....maybe it's just a coincidence.  I would NEVER intentionally steal another designer's work.  In fact, I purposely try to avoid other sl jewelry shops in fear that I might subconsciously register a design and pull it out later--OR that someone might incorrectly assume that I'm there to steal ideas.  (Tangent--This happened to me once.  Sometimes, I very badly want to purchase another jeweler's product to wear, or maybe I'm doing a hunt.  I have no problem admiring, recommending, or wearing other people's jewelry.  I went to a jewelry shop for a completely innocent shopping mission.  Shortly after that, I was doing a hunt and found that I'd been banned from that sim.  Sad.  But, then, she doesn't know me.)  Third, there are only so many colors, notes, lines and curves to go around.  They are going to be used over and over by many designers and artists.  I am honest, and it's a shame I have to worry that someone might acuse me of stealing their work--but this incident has made me stop to think about that possibility.  My little SL shop is not my rl income source, it's what I do for fun, relaxation, and a creative outlet.  I don't think any big time designer is going to feel threatened by me.  I give away as much as I sell, and my goal is to just cover my SL expenses and enjoy seeing other people enjoy my jewelry.  I don't want it to invade my real life with unpleasantness.  But, I understand that for some designers, SL is a business.  Good luck to the judge who has to make a decision in this case--even I see similarities between the skins, but then aren't there similarities between ALL skins??  I hope everything works out for everyone, and that the judicial system is not as slow as usual, because I'm missing my Curio.  Big fan.  Really big fan.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Cross Your Heart Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelets.
Hair:  Truth Hair--Rhonda--blondes.  Purchased on sale.
Skin:  Curio--Pout 2--Petal (dark)--Indulged 2.  Purchased FULL price--have never even received a group gift.  Just so we are clear on that.
Purple Top:  Snatch--Cami Tank in purple.  Lucky board gift.
Pink/Green Top: LeeZu--Punjab top in pink.  Group gift.
Green Pants:  Zaara--classic jeans in moss.  Purchased full price.
Blue Dress:  The Secret Store--Lullaby Dress in colbalt.  Subscriber gift.
Locations:  Top three--Mysterious Dream.  Bottom--I'm at the Petite Elemental Jewelry shop on Belle Island.

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