Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Can Never Have Too Many Pearls...

About a week ago I blogged the Audrey pearls & earrings--a take off on the classic using colorful Tahitian pearls.  (Although there was the obligatory set of white ones--very classy with touches of gold and black onyx.)  This set had a cheerful, springtime floral motif, and an additional colored feature stone.  Well, one of my blogger friends, Deoridhe Quandry, did a beautiful layout with the blue pearls, but noted that she would have been much happier if they had come with a bracelet and hair ornament.  Well, we must keep Deoridhe happy!  This week at ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, you will find sets of lovely bracelets and hair ornaments in a colorful array of Tahitian pearls and stones--pink, blue, green, gold, violet, and classic white.  And I have to say that Deoridhe was right--I LOVE the hair ornaments.  Great idea!  Here I am wearing the violet set once that violet, just can't help myself.

I'm at Inverness City, standing on the wall of Brody Castle.  If you look carefully over my left shoulder, you will see Nessy going for a swim.  LOL.  What a great touch.
Here's a tip:  If you bought any of the pearls that were on sale in last week's 60L Weekend sale, you will be able to get the matching accessories in this week's sale.  Each set includes left & right bracelets & hair ornaments.  Enjoy!

You can catch Deoridhe's blog posts on the PrimDolls Blog:      The one with the pearls--and a very entertaining blog post as well.   And this new post is about the new PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY line.  Deoridhe beat me to the punch!

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Audrey pearls, earrings, & matching hair ornament and bracelet in Violet with Orange Jasper stone.
Hair:  Truth--Vicky--light browns.  Purchased full price.  (No, I haven't changed my hair OR skin!  lol!)
Skin:  Curio--Jewel Gold Tones--Shell Amethyst 1.  Purchased full price.
Dress:  Sascha's Frutella Purple gown--the February 2010 group gift.
Poses:  Olive Juice and !Bang.
Location:  Inverness City--Brody Castle.

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