Friday, August 5, 2011

Hunts, Sales, & Gifts At ELEMENTAL!

What a weekend! The Fashion Forward Hunt will begin on Sunday, August 7.  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY will have a male and female gift--creatively (lol) named the ELEMENTAL Fashion Forward Men's Necklace, and the ELELMENTAL Fashion Forward Women's Necklace.  The Women's Necklace is a lovely gold collar with blue lapis lazuli stones and blue beads.  The Men's Necklace is a manly black hemp cord with silver beads.  Both are resizable.  
***You will notice in the photo above, that I'm wearing matching earrings.  And--that's right--the matching earrings are this month's ELEMENTAL GROUP GIFT! 

And don't forget that there are sales this week as well!  60L Weekends has arrived at ELEMENTAL, and this week you can pick up the HEAVY METAL NECKLACE & EARRINGS or the MOONGLOW NECKLACE for only 60L each.  And the LOW Sale features the VINTAGE~MAUREEN jewelry in silver and rhodochrosite for 50% off!  (See yesterday's post for photos and details.)

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