Sunday, February 27, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Well, I just want to show you my favorite set of jewelry--the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY SENSUOUS WIND NECKLACE & EARRINGS.  This is my "go to" set of jewelry because it just seems to match everything I wear.  Not only is it just pretty with all of it's swirly pieces--and those are all tiny prims, not alpha textures--but it's texture changing!  The beads change between LAPIS LAZULI, BLACK ONYX, AMETHYST, RED CORAL, AND GREEN TURQUOISE, (original stone textures, not just colors) or you can mix and match.  So it's like getting 5+ sets of jewelry for the price of one.  You can't beat that!  And the price is only L$300 at Elemental Jewelry.

Also pictured:  My favorite hair--"Lillian" by Truth Hair  (Yea Truth!!)
                       My favorite skin--"Leona" by Redgrave  (I am rarely seen without my Redgrave skin!!)
                       Shoes (although you can't see them well--sorry)--"Baba Yaga Zenobia" by Enkythings
                       Top--"Yauvani" by Zaara.  (The jeans are my favorite--also by Zaara.  OMG,
                                                                  I LOVE Zaara!)

OK, if you're all dressed up in your favorite things, you might as well do your favorite thing--DANCE!
Yea!  Here are some photos of me with my friend Kristine Kristan dancing to the music of yet another favorite--Hazideon Zarco, at the ChilBowl Bowling Alley and Live Venue in the Chilbo Community.

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