Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rodvik & I Tour SL Castles

 I really enjoy reading Strawberry Singh's blog, and her photographs inspire me to improve my photography skills.  Lately, Berry has been doing "memes" and challenging her readers to repeat them in their blogs.  Well, I have been sorely tempted, but I have resisted because my blog is mainly for business.  However, it's ok to actually enjoy your work, right?  And ELEMENTAL is something I do for pleasure, not profit.  So, wouldn't it be ok for me to do a meme?  (That's your cue.  This is where you say:  "Certainly, Tessa!  You can take some fun photos and still include some new jewelry!")  Well, this week Berry's meme is called "Flat Rodvik" and it is just too hysterical to pass up.  Berry has taken a picture of Rodvik Linden (CEO of Second Life) and made a full size "Flat Rodvik" for us to escort around the SL grid.  (Here's a link to her post:

I met Flat Rodvik yesterday, and I took him on a whirlwind SL castle tour.  Above, we are posing on the veranda of a lovely castle at Wizardhat Studios on the Rati dAlliez sim, overlooking an ocean view.

 In the middle photo, Rodvik and I are in the throne room of a castle at the Kingdom of Orlais on the Airys Beach sim, a role play area with a medieval/fantasy theme and lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  I tried to get Rodvik to participate in the role play, but he just stood there.  I guess he's just not into it.

For our final stop, Rodvik and I went to Sourthern Heart on the Momenti Rubati sim.  Rodvik and I had such a great day!  I know Rodvik didn't really want to look at old castles.  He was just doing it to make me happy.  Rodvik is such a "stand up" kind of guy!  LOL.

I'm wearing:
Jewelry:  ELEMENTAL JEWELRY--Leah Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring in Blues (top), texture changing with 4 metals and 4 stone choices in each color set.  Also in Greens, Reds, & Neutrals.  Aurelia Necklace & Earrings (middle and bottom), texture changing in Greens & Blues with 4 metals and 3 stone choices in each color set.  Also in Reds & Neutrals.  Here's a slurl to the ELEMENTAL mainshop:
Skin: League Skins--Jen in pales.  Purchased full price.
Hair:  Amacci Hair--Linda in dark browns.  Purchased full price.
Eyes:  Mayfly Eyes--Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in forest green.  Purchased on sale.
Black Dress:  Maitreya--Nolita Dress.  Purchased on sale.
Green Dress:  Kouse's Sanctum--Kiwi dress in green.  Purchased on sale.
Blue Dress: PurpleMoon--Designer's Choice #251 in blue.  Purchased on sale.

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  1. Look at you showing off all the fancy places to Rodvik and making me look bad! LOL I am really so happy that you joined the memes because I've had a few other designers asking if it's ok to participate with their business blogs and I always say yes of course. I have no problems with that and really encourage it. It's great to see designers have some fun too! Loved your pictures and ideas. Thanks for joining us!