Thursday, September 15, 2011

SL Jewelry Fair #1 - ELEMENTAL JEWELRY Arctic Chill

The SL Jewelry Fair 2011 begins Sept 16!  This is my very first fair, so I am all anxious and hope that my booth lives up to your expectations.  The theme this year is the four elements--How very fortunate for ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, which is located in the EARTH section of the fair.  My personal booth theme is EARTH MOODS, and I've designed 4 new sets of jewelry for the fair--ARCTIC CHILL, DESERT HEAT, MOUNTAIN MELLOW, and WOODLAND WHIMSEY.  Get it?  I'll be blogging four separate posts about the fair, and above you see ARCTIC CHILL--Beautiful luminescent white moonstone beads with blue moonstone teadrops set in shiny silver.  I really like this jewelry, and I hope you will as well.

Want to see more?  Stop by the ELEMENTAL JEWELRY mainstore in SL:

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